CAA Patron's Program

The Camano Arts Association (CAA) implemented a first ever Patron's Program in 2019. Thanks to our dedicated artists who organized the Patron's Party launch event, as well as those who came out in support of our local arts community, the Patron's Program has been a great success!

The 2020 Patron Party and All Member Show is scheduled for October 10th and 11th. The Patron Party will be October 10th -5 to 8pm. This will be an evening you won’t want to miss!


Might our patrons’ program be for you?

  • Do you share a love for art, nature and community?

  • Do you value the symbiotic relationship between local artists and their patrons that has allowed for Stanwood-Camano’s growing colony of artists?

  • Do you want to encourage the next generation of artists in the Stanwood-Camano region?


Please fill out our application or feel free to contact us directly: Dave Halliday,


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