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CAA members are proud to participate locally in the Stanwood High School Mentorship Program. The school's Art Teacher, Laura Aseltine, has worked hard to make sure the Mentorship Program continues to be recognized by education leaders. In addition, Dolors Ruscha, is currently the Lead for the Scholarship Committee with support from Hillary Klauber & April Nickerson. CAA received 7 scholarship applications this year. The jurors were Jack Gunter, Karla Matzke, Hillary Klauber, Dolors Ruscha, John Ebner, April Nickerson and special guest juror Dave Cassera, Cassera Gallery at Designs NW Architects. Scholarship recipient's will be announced shortly.


The program allows local artists and CAA members to provide Advance Placement art students with in-class expert advice and constructive criticism to enhance their artistic experience and encourage their artistic growth.  More than 500 students have gone through the CAA Mentorship program since it began in 2002 with many local students going on to a career in art.


CAA continues to support the students art education, and to help develop their talents to fulfill their dreams in the fine arts fields.  For further information on our programs please contact Melanie Serroels at




CAA Scholarship Award Winners

Paula and John Ebner Scholarship Award- $2000. Alexandra Breed

CAA Scholarship Award- $1000. Mariah Brady




CAA Scholarship Award Winners shown (see right) with Kathy Dannerbeck

May 2018 Camano Arts Association announced scholarships to:

Gail Merrick Scholarship Award -$2500. Samantha Pierce

John & Paula Ebner Scholarship Award-$1500. Gracie Brennan

CAA Scholarship Award $1500. Lucy Cunningham

CAA Scholarship Award $1500. Emily Ringness

CAA Scholarship Award $500. Christian Ayala

CAA Scholarship Award $500.Hannah Gerrish




CAA Scholarship Award Winners shown here (see below) with SHS Art Teacher Gail Merrick

In April 2017 Camano Arts Association announced scholarships to:

Amanda Parks -  Amanda will be attending DigiPen Isstitute working towards a BFA in Animation and Digital Art. 

Aidan Lee - He has been a National Art Honor Society Member since 2014 and served as President.  He has been accepted and will attend Rocky Mountain Collage of Art and Design.

Victoria Velazquez - will be attending Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.  She is a member of the National Art Honor Society too and has served as vice-president of the organization.

Sailor Delch - Sailor has been attending Running Start at Everett Community College and will finish her Direct Transfer credits.  She is pursuing photography and architecture.

Victoria Humphreys will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design.  She plans to study animation.

Gracie Brennan is a junior who will be attending Cornish College of the Arts Summer Program.  She is taking college credit classes in Introduction to Graphic Arts. 















Camano Arts Association is proud to announce the awarding of $2,000 in scholarships for 2016 to graduates from Stanwood High School (see below).  

Sadie Clem, on the right, and Emily Hoyt, on the left, are standing with their teacher, Gail Merrick.  Each student received a $1,000 scholarship to pursue their interest in art and hope to go on to share their knowledge with others.















Camano Arts Association is proud to announce that $3,000 in scholarship fund have been divided this year between 4 students from the Stanwood-Camano area. These High School students plan to pursue a career in art (see below).   













The Camano Arts Association scholarship program has awarded over $20,000 since it's inception in 2002.  This program was started in conjunction with the MENTOR PROGRAM at Stanwood High School. Funds are raised through membership fees, donations from artists and the public, drawings at events, and the sales of tour posters. Scholarships are awarded annually to students who demonstrate both passion and skill for the visual arts.  Many of the students who have received these scholarships have gone on to not only study visual arts but have subsequently found successful careers in the arts. 

Advance Placement Art Instructor, Gail Merrick has been instrumental in teaching and guiding the local students in a variety of art disciplines over the years she has worked at Stanwood High School.  The students work hard to compete in both local and international art recognition programs, with great success! 


2016 Sadie Clem and Emily Hoyt 


2015 Andi Hillman

College: Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Illustration


Abby Spencer

College: George Fox University, Animation


Amara Mulhall

College: Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Animation


Emily Firman

College: Seattle Central Community College, Graphic Design/Illustration


2014 Makala Coster, Cheyanne Arrants, & Cassie Helwick




2012  Autumn Forsythe
College: Everett Community College.

Autumn will be working towards a minor in fine arts and a major in in business.  She plans to attend an Art college in Oregon in two years.


2012 Camille Lewinski

College: Everett Community College.

Camille will be working towards a degree in graphic arts and the goal to attend Savannah College of Art and Design after attending community college.


2012 Heather-Mariah Dixon

College: Western University

Heather is a home-schooled student who is completing her high school diploma and her AA at Everett Community College as part of the running start program.  She will be attending Western Washington University working towards a Studio Art Degree in printmaking.


Some of the past recipients, their college of choice and their current arts careers include:


2011 Jessie Morgan

College:  Museum School of Fine Art, Boston, MA


2011 Clayton Jacks

College: Art Institue of Seattle

Degree:   BA, Fine Arts Animation.  Media or Illustration


2010 Jessica Maley

College: University of California, Berkle

Degree:  BA, Architecture

Grad Date: 2015


2009 Kelsey Dingman

College: Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA

Degree:  BA, Graphic Design

Grad Date:  2013


2009 Cameron Bailey

College:  Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

Degree:  BA, Painting and Illustration, archieval restoration

Grad Date: 2013


2008 Licett Aviles

College: Art Institute of Seattle

Degree:  BA, Graphic Design

Grad Date: 2011

2008 Nick Bear

College: Everett Community College

Degree: AA, Graphic Design

Grad Date: 2011


2007 KC Cleek

College: Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Degree: BFA, Illustration

Grad Date: Spring 2011


2006 Madeline O'Brien

College: Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

Degree: BA, Professional Photography

Grad Date: 2009

Employer: freelance photographer


2006 Sean Dahlquist

Did not attend college


2005 Spencer Shultz

College: Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

Degree: BA, Graphic Design

Grad Date: Spring 2010


2004 Wyatt Smith

College Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Degree: Masters of Architecture

Grad Date: May 2009

Employer: a Savannah architecture firm, Savannah GA

Employer: Everett architercture firm, Everett WA


2003 Grant Newton

College: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Degree: BFA Communications Design with honors

Grad Date: May 2007

Employer: Steam Tonic Studios, Brooklyn , NY

Job Descripiton: Creative Director

Photo Retouching and Illustration as well as Design for web and print.


2002 David Smith

College: Savannah College of Art and Design, Ssavannah, GA

Degree: BFA, Graphic Design

Grad Date: Spring 2006

Employer: Tocquigny Interactive Marketing, Austin, TX

Job Description: Senior creative designer

Employer: Frog Design, Inc. Austin, TX

Job Description: Multi-discipline Designer


2002 Mike Bear

College: Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Degree: BFA, Sequential Art

Grad Date: Graduated June 2006

Employer: Devils' Due, Chicago, IL

Job Description: GI Joe comic book page designer and penciler

Employer: Rockstar New England, Boston, MA

Job Description: video games concept development artist

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